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Glass Beads & Other Art

Goddesses, Standing Stones, Gods – things that inspire me find their way into my art. Click here to visit my Facebook Page to see pictures of my beads being worn.  If you are looking for my Mandala art please click here to visit my Zazzle store.

Shop Now for Beads and Pyrography

Hi, I’m Louise, purveyor of glass beads, earth mandalas and other miscellany.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll take a minute to visit my shop.  My glass beads are handmade one at a time at my torch.  They are digitally annealed ensuring strength, most ship with a silk or cotton cord and are ready to wear.

Got a question?  Pop over to my Contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Quality Control

Hi, I’m Raff – in charge of quality control.  I often sit and watch the artist as she works and many times have batted beads off the table and onto the floor to make sure they are as durable as she says they are.  I also like the tissue paper they get wrapped in…  It’s a serious business Quality Control.



Angela here, I keep tabs on Raff – it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.


Blue Sky?

Rumble of wooden wheels along the lane, a glimpse of canvas roof over the hedgerow and the quiet hum of a gypsy tune.  This magical caravan of mine has pulled up right outside, full of dreams and mystery.

Are you are looking for the Blue Sky Caravan or wondering what on earth it is?  Head on over here to find out!

Visit my Zazzle store for nature mandala prints