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Why hire me?

A qualified real estate photographer can be one of your most valuable marketing tools.

With over ten years of experience, I work with you to improve the marketability of your client’s property.

I believe in Quality over Quantity. So I have a toolbox of techniques to address conditions that often result in compromised and mediocre photographs: dark basements, poorly lit large rooms, bright sunlight streaming in windows, cloudy days, soaring ceilings, log homes, complex architectural features.

Not only do I have the knowledge to shoot in different situations, but I also spend a lot of time processing images to ensure your client’s property looks terrific on screen and in print.  I’ll drop in cheerful blue skies to front shots when the weather is grey, bring outside landscape inside with window pulls where required, and colour correct each interior image. And I offer a guarantee that I stand behind.

In the image below you can see the ‘before’ shot is poorly lit. Single flash shooting can create shadows like the one cast on the wall by the post and beam.  The ‘after’ shot shows my finished image — brighter and more vibrant, without the distracting shadow.

My customer service is second to none. I am respectful to both agents and homeowners, pleasant to deal with and efficient. I work incredibly hard to make sure my realtors feel confident with the final images they show to clients and prospective home buyers.

I won’t give a myriad of slightly different images of various rooms and property features. What I will do is photograph your property in a way that leaves perspective buyers wanting to see more — so that they are more likely to book a viewing appointment.  If you like 40, 50 or more shots of your properties. . . then we probably aren’t a good match.

In the ‘before’ shot above, it’s hard to imagine what is outside the window. In my processed shot you can now see the beautiful riveview. 

Generally, a townhouse will garner 15-20 images, a detached home 25-35, and 30-40 shots for larger residences.  These numbers are approximate — you can be sure that I will deliver the images you require.

Hiring a professional real estate photographer has many benefits:

  • Saves you time to focus on other important things
  • Delivers images that display your properties in a stand-out manner
  • Reminds your clients that you offer the best service possible
  • Removes the pressure of having to take and process quality images yourself
  • Allows buyers to get a good sense of your properties via print, online tours and YouTube videos

Professional-quality photos of your listings also tells clients that you’re serious about selling their home, and are effectively displaying their property to potential buyers.

In my last example below you’ll see the colour cast is poor in the ‘before’ shot — the image is too yellow.  The ‘after’ shows my final image where the colours are true.

Whether it’s a small apartment or luxury home I’m here to help.  I offer quick turn-around — usually you’ll have access to your virtual tour and photos for downloading on the same day I take your photos.

You’ve worked hard creating your brand — I hope my photography can be a part of the package you present to your home owners.

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FAQ & Help

Please contact me if you have any questions you can’t find an answer for on my site.

My photography has a satisfaction guarantee – if you are unhappy with your photos I’ll either reshoot them at no cost or give a full refund.

I’ve created a handy .pdf guide to help you get the most out of your photographs and virtual tour.

Get the guide!